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llot llov – lucille


The net structure of the flower cocoon is inspired by transport nets found in industrial production for the grouping and security of goods. It’s simple, but artfully knotted pattern is a new interpretation of traditional macrame technique. With its big meshes and without curlicues, the airy mantle leaves room for the plant to develop and even serves as help for the growth of its tendrils. The hoist attached to the cocoon can modify the height, on which the plant hangs in the room. Looking up, we can see those natural processes, which are usually hidden from view. Earth and roots are visible through the bottom of the hand blown glass hemisphere, which serves as a flowerpot.

Lucille – a flower cocoon
Included: macramee cocoon, glass sphere
Material: steel, nylon, glass
Colour: grey (for a certain colour please get in touch)
Diameter: Ø 540 mm
Height: 1600 mm
Weight: 5 kg
Production: macramee, hand blown glass
Made: in Germany and Riga

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