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STUDIO SCHMITD - Swiss Lace Duvet

STUDIO SCHMITD - Swiss Lace Duvet

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- This one-of-a-kind LACE puzzle duvet is made and assembled from left-over Swiss cotton lace from fashion designer production and organic dead stock fabrics.

  • The front part contains 3 parts of organic cotton, the middle part is made with soft durable lace left-overs puzzle patchwork
  • Back part is made from 100% crispy organic cotton
  • Button closure
  • Handcrafted in Germany
  • Size 140 x 200 
  • includes 2 pillows

- All wear, mending and idiosyncrasies are unique to the custom textile.

- Studio SCHMITD has been designing and producing contemporary fashion in Berlin since 2012. Based on the upcycling idea that any found textile material can be transformed into sustainable products through high-quality and ambitious design, SCHMITD is dedicated to manufacturing state-of-the art fashion that has received international acclaim. The product range extends from patchwork bomber jackets and macramé accessories to homewear, bed linen and bags.

- Surplus textiles are a major problem of our time and an important topic at the Centre for Climate-friendly Resources

Designed and made in Berlin

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