About us

BAERCK refers itself to one of those prospective spots with a beautiful overview. With its distinguished mix of established and fresh new labels from local Berlin and International Designers, the well selected collection is presenting a view on current fashion and interior design.
Through a lot of research travels, BAERCK makes a special and well-researched choice in their range of products. Personal designstudies enable BAERCK to have it’s very own take on design concepts, aesthetics and materials.

Since 2005, the owners have been part of the local shop scene in Berlin Mitte and cooperated on several projects. The first step was the founding of the design label llotllov in Steinstrasse 5, an office community for creative development. The space in Steinstrasse offered the possibility to be used as a showroom and shop as well as a workspace.

In 2006, two of the team went on to open “fourstore” in Mulackstrasse 12, selling labels and their own brand NIA exclusively. With adding the third party out of their design studio “llot llov”, the concept of the shop has been further developed and optimized and opens its doors as BAERCK.

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