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LLOT LLOV - Ada Midi

LLOT LLOV - Ada Midi

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- ADA planter was made in a metal spinning process out of aluminum.

- They come in four types, all can be filled from both sides, allowing for endless combinations from cactus as well as palm trees. 

- The planter edition is available in black and brushed aluminum.

- Each plant pot is hand- turned and hand-brushed and is reminiscent of an untreated industrial piece.

- ADA is suitable for indoor, but also for outdoor use.

- For exterior use, the rubber plug should be removed to prevent rainwater from accumulating.

- ADA planter like the sun as well as shade, they most enjoy living in larger groups. 

- Material: aluminium

- Measurements: Ø 230mm x 340mm
   Pot 1: Ø 230mm x 180mm
   Pot 2: Ø 160mm x 160mm

- Behind the LLOT LLOV brand is the studio for product and interior design as well as the producer of furniture, objects, lighting and surfaces. Since their foundation in 2006 by Ania Bauer and Jacob Brinck, the two Berlin based author designers have established themselves internationally. One of their recognizable features is the reinterpretation of traditional arts and crafts brought into a contemporary design context.

- designed and made in berlin, germany

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