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LLOT LLOV - Medeia Slim

LLOT LLOV - Medeia Slim

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- The MEDEIA Trio is not only divers through its geometric cuts.

- Each vase has its purpose of a bouquet of flowers.

- Since MEDEIA BOLD restrains the wild branches, MEDEIA SLIM loves to hold just one flower.

- MEDEIA MIDI is self- confident even without any flower bouquet and charming just though its clear geometric shape.

- Not every vase needs to carry flowers.

 - color: black

- Material: aluminium

- Measurements: Ø 100mm x 420mm


- Behind the LLOT LLOV brand is the studio for product and interior design as well as the producer of furniture, objects, lighting and surfaces. Since their foundation in 2006 by Ania Bauer and Jacob Brinck, the two Berlin based author designers have established themselves internationally. One of their recognizable features is the reinterpretation of traditional arts and crafts brought into a contemporary design context.

- designed and made in berlin, germany

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